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Why is Customer Success important?

As a cleaning professional we’re in customer’s homes all day.

And while clients aren’t usually home while we clean for the most part, there are times when you’ll have to put your customer service hat on.

How can you get great reviews from clients? How do you deal with a Hovering Harry that is constantly critiquing you as you clean throughout their home?

Well below is a video from one of the Fire Side chats that our Customer Success team put together.


Fireside Chat #3 Video – Customer Service Mastery



Scrubbi Customer Success Tips

We’ve built up Scrubbi to where it is today, with the success of our customer service support, and we wanted to share with you our best tips for great customer service.

You are, after all, the face of Scrubbi and we want to equip you with all the tools needed for your success.

The tips below are a mix from our years of experience dealing with customers about what they want and need and from amazing cleaners like yourselves who provide invaluable feedback from the frontlines.

As always, if you have any questions about these tips or anything else, feel free to ask our Care department at .


house cleaning service support

You are there to clean, let us do the rest!

Now before we get started with our customer service tips, I would like to briefly mention the first and most important rule is that our Support team will ALWAYS be there for you and will do anything in their power to assist you.

If you are ever unsure about what to do or have a question regarding an appointment, please give them a call or send them an email and they will be more than happy to help!

Here’s the Operations/Support team contact info again if you need it:

Operations Team:
Phone: 1-877-313-4820 ext. 7


Getting started at an appointment:

With that being said, let’s start things off by touching on just a few points of basic etiquette before you even begin your cleaning appointment:

  • When you first arrive at a client’s home, introduce yourself and tell them you are from Scrubbi. This is very reassuring to a customer and, as a Scrubbi ambassador, this is your chance to make a strong first impression!
  • Additionally, upon entering the client’s home you should already be wearing your mask and should take your outdoor shoes off at the door.
  • The last thing you should always do before starting your appointment is wash your hands. This is generally always a good rule of thumb but with everything going on in the world this is especially important.


house cleaning service checklist

Look closely at your checklists

Watch out for cleaning add-ons

Always double check to make sure if add-on services have been included on your appointment. These are services that can be requested in addition to the normal checklist and are usually for specific purposes. Clients, understandably, get upset when they don’t receive a service they paid for.

When you go through your checklist, if any of these add-on services say “Yes”, please complete them!

Here’s an example:

cleaning add-ons checklist


You’ll notice in the example above that the Refrigerator and Oven add-ons are marked as Yes which means that they are required to be completed for this appointment.

Cleaning add-ons are more common with One Time and Move Out appointments as they are often part of the requirements when moving out of a home.


Cleaning Directions

Another key thing to remember regarding your app is to always read the directions and pay attention to any specific notes relating to that particular appointment.

Here’s an example:

cleaning directions example


Many clients will provide notes for priority areas or specific instructions relating to their home and these are really important to them. From these notes, you’ll get a sense of what parts of the home they’ll be paying more attention to which will help you know where to focus your efforts and get you better reviews from clients.

On top of that, you’ll find details about the homeowner like names of partners or pets, if they’ll be home, where the vacuum is located, etc.

Something as simple as greeting their pets by name upon arrival go along way and score you HUGE brownie points with clients – again, leading to better reviews for you and ultimately, more shifts.


The checklist is the best list!

Lastly, while it’s always great to ask the client if there are any specific areas of their home that are a priority for them, asking them a million other questions can make them lose confidence in you.

If the client doesn’t provide any specific details for how the want a certain room cleaned, just default to following the Scrubbi Cleaning Checklist.

This is our guide to what you need to clean in each home. Here is a link to the checklist below:


And this is an example of what it looks like:

residential cleaning directions


Whenever possible, direct all your cleaning questions to support. Our clients pay for our services so they can disconnect from the cleaning experience as much as possible. Unless otherwise noted, please stick to the Scrubbi cleaning checklist.

Remember, you are the cleaning professional and the expert in their home!


house cleaner making bed

Going the extra mile

The little things go a long way

Always take pride in what you do and treat their home as if it were your own. Taking a few minutes to stage their living room nicely is a very easy way to put a smile on your client’s face.

Now we will speak about specific things you can do at a client’s home that can set you apart at each appointment A very easy way to do this is to treat each home as if it were your own.

This especially pertains towards their main living space. We cannot stress enough how much clients love when you fold their blankets, fluff their pillows and stage their home nicely during their appointment. It gives them that sense that a cleaning professional was just there as soon as they walk in the door.

Little touches like this go a long way to ensure client satisfaction.


clean kitchen sink

Never forget to shine up that kitchen sink!

Another interesting piece of feedback we constantly receive, although we don’t really understand is just how obsessed our client’s are about their kitchen sinks.

Shining up their kitchen sink is a great way to make a positive initial impression for your client as its often the first thing they notice when they come home.


cleaner arranging pillows or toys

Arranging pillows or toys

Another good example of a cleaner going above and beyond at a clients home to provide a great experience.

We are all human and nobody is perfect and clients will often overlook a tiny thing or two you may have missed if you have taken the time to go above and beyond elsewhere.

toy arranging example

Above is an example of a cleaning professional who took a few moment’s to arrange the stuffed animals on a child’s bed.

cleaning service toilegami

Toilet paper folding

Going the extra mile doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, but a little thing such as even folding the toilet paper into a triangle can go a long way towards a client’s satisfaction

It really doesn’t even have to be anything elaborate, but clients really do notice and appreciate little personal touches you provide to go above and beyond at their appointments.


double check cleaning service work

Always make sure to double check your work!

Before the conclusion of your appointment, always take a few minutes to double check your work. You all work in a lot of homes and missing things can be quite easy.

We have found our most successful cleaning professionals always take a few minutes at the end of their appointment to go over their checklist one more time to ensure nothing has been missed.

Afterwards it will be easier to do a walkthrough with the client!


thank you note cleaning service

Leave a ‘Thank You’ note

Lastly, if the client is home at the end of the appointment always make sure to say goodbye and offer to do a walkthrough with them.

This will ensure that no areas were missed and if any area needs a little touch-up you are right there already! If they are not home, a little handwritten thank you note goes a very long way to ensure client satisfaction.

Here is a nice example of a handwritten note by one of our cleaning professionals, Krisjohnna.

cleaning service thank you


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