Here are some frequently asked questions about working with Scrubbi

Frequently Asked Questions


How much can I make?

Top Scrubbi Pros can make up to $23 per hour and earn up to $800 per week!

What is the relationship between a Scrubbi Pro and Scrubbi?

Scrubbi cleaning professionals (Scrubbi Pros) are independent contractors. You provide the cleaning, we’ll support you in every other way including: handling customer concerns, scheduling, finding new clients, logistics, and more.

How do I get customers?

Housecleaning appointments are awarded based on experience, performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction. With Scrubbi, you’ll have the power of our marketing, branding, and organizational infrastructure to get housecleaning appointments.

All you have to worry about is doing a great job cleaning!

How many appointments a week can I get?

As many as you want and can handle!

Can I accept tips?

Absolutely! If customers want to reward you for your hard work, by all means accept it.

Do I need to clean balconies or decks? Or anything outdoors?

Scrubbi Pros are only required to clean the inside of the home, and not outside windows, decks or balconies. We also do not clean garages or unfinished basements.

What does it mean to be a Scrubbi Contractor?

All our cleaning professionals are brought on as contractors. This allows you to be self employed, set your own schedule and write-off your expenses.

How is scheduling handled?

We use an app to give you your schedule and help you keep track of upcoming jobs and jobs completed.

As a Scrubbi Contractor you let us know the days of the week and what hours within those days you would like to work. In turn we’ll fill your schedule with as many cleaning appointments as we can during those days and times. This gives you control over your worklife balance!

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