Here are some frequently asked questions about working with Scrubbi


Frequently Asked Questions



Applicant – FAQs


How much can I make?

Top Scrubbi Pros can make up to $23 per hour and earn up to $800 per week!

What is the relationship between a Scrubbi Pro and Scrubbi?

Scrubbi cleaning professionals (Scrubbi Pros) are independent contractors. You provide the cleaning, we’ll support you in every other way including handling customer concerns, scheduling, finding new clients, logistics, and more.

How do I get customers?

Housecleaning appointments are awarded based on experience, performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction. With Scrubbi, you’ll have the power of our marketing, branding, and organizational infrastructure to get housecleaning appointments.

All you have to worry about is doing a great job cleaning!

How many appointments a week can I get?

As many as you want and can handle!

Can I accept tips?

Absolutely! If customers want to reward you for your hard work, by all means, accept it.

Do I need to clean balconies or decks? Or anything outdoors?

Scrubbi Pros are only required to clean the inside of the home, and not outside windows, decks, or balconies. We also do not clean garages or unfinished basements.

What does it mean to be a Scrubbi Contractor?

All our cleaning professionals are brought on as contractors. This allows you to be self-employed, set your own schedule, and write off your expenses.

How is scheduling handled?

We use an app to give you your schedule and help you keep track of upcoming jobs and jobs completed.

As a Scrubbi Contractor, you let us know the days of the week and what hours within those days you would like to work. In turn, we’ll fill your schedule with as many cleaning appointments as we can during those days and times. This gives you control over your work-life balance!


Cleaning Pros – FAQs


Who do I contact?

The two teams you’ll be talking to most are the Operations team and the Human Resources Support Team (HRS). In order to get the proper support that you need, you’ll need to know which team to contact because the things they can help you with are very different.

The Operations team supports you with day-to-day appointment questions like:

  • Driving directions or parking issues
  • Notifying clients if you’re running late
  • Getting into a client’s home
  • Finding the client’s vacuum, mop, and broom
  • Requests to leave if you finish early or extending appointment times
  • and other appointment-related questions



The HRS team supports you with your overall success at Scrubbi and anything outside of appointment support. Some of the things they can help you with are:

  • Time off requests
  • Any changes you make to your work availability
  • Sick day follow-ups
  • Customer reviews follow-up
  • Policy and procedure questions and enforcement
  • Scheduled check-ins to see how you’re doing
  • Updating you on your progress in the Rewards program



Regardless of your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out. We love hearing from you!


Operations Team:
Email: help@scrubbi.com
Phone: 1-877-313-4820 ext. 7


HRS Team:
Email: care@scrubbi.com
Phone: 1-877-313-4820 ext. 8

How can I get great reviews?

At Scrubbi, we take your work very seriously and want to ensure that you are reviewed fairly. But sometimes a client may have a different opinion. So, how can you help protect yourself from unfair reviews?

The key to ensuring you are reviewed fairly is through communication and, of course, following the cleaning checklist. Here are a few tips:


Perform the Cleaning Checklist and Add-ons: It’s important to remember that the priority is client satisfaction. One way to achieve that is by completing the entire checklist attached to the job appointment AND doing any cleaning add-ons that are required (remember they will say “yes” beside them if they are). Then when a client submits a review, it’ll be based on these points.


Completion Notes: Think of this section of the app as your honest description of what the job was like: any challenges you faced, names of pets, anything unique about the home, etc. Keep in mind that these notes that you make in the app will only be visible to our office staff, so clients will not see them. Include as much detail as possible. This is also the best place to leave non-urgent comments.


Pictures: On the top right corner of each job within the app, you will see a small paperclip. Click on this to attach photos. Even if they are not required, you can use this as a tool to give our Operations Team a good visual of what you are seeing. Trust me when I say, we’ve seen it all. Keep in mind that there will be some jobs where pictures are mandatory such as Move Outs or One Time cleanings.


Calling in / Emailing: Call or email our Operations Team if there is an immediate problem that needs to be solved. This could be anything from a job that seems out of scope to a broken vacuum. If you need immediate assistance, please call 1-877-313-4820 ext. 7 or email help@scrubbi.com to get in touch with the Operations Team.

Can you give me some customer service tips?

Cleaning isn’t easy – especially when you’re cleaning for others. There may be times when a customer has a different opinion than you on how to properly clean their home.

Here are some quick customer service notes to help you deal with those situations:

    • We ask that you treat clients with respect – always be friendly and courteous. Remember, you are in their private homes!


    • If you do encounter any problems, notify us right away and we will take care of the client support for you.


    • You do not need to bring a vacuum, mop, or broom. The client will have those available for you to use.


    • Do not use the same cloth to clean the bathroom and other areas of the house. Use a separate cloth for just the bathroom and a different one for the kitchen to avoid cross-contamination.


    • Use cleaning solutions for the correct surfaces – bathroom cleaner is used for the bathroom only; surface cleaners for counters; and glass cleaners for mirrors and windows, etc.


    • Do not use bleach, even if the client requests it! Contact support at help@scrubbi.com if you have any concerns.


  • If you finish early, give our operations team a call and ask them about tasks that will boost your client satisfaction. This could include organizing a kid’s stuffed animals on their bed, folding toilet paper into origami or various other tricks.

For a FULL LIST of our best customer service tips, click the link: Scrubbi Customer Service Tips


We want you to focus on providing an amazing clean – we will look after any customer concerns.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to do a good job, starting with showing up to all the appointments that you are scheduled for. Be reliable, honest, friendly, and hard-working.

These attributes will get you lots of love from Scrubbi and our clients.

What happens with any damages?

Whoops! Did you break something in the client’s home? Things happen and we do understand, please do let us know as soon as possible.

Take a picture and send it to the Operations team at help@scrubbi.com. Give them all the info you have on the situation and as many pictures as you can. They’ll be resolving the situation for you.


Here are some useful tips to help you avoid common incidents:


    • Be careful when using highly-concentrated vinegar on marble countertops and unfinished wood (the acid can degrade the surface).


    • Stainless steel scratches easily, always make sure to clean with the grain and do not use any abrasive sponges.


  • Picture frames and knickknacks can break easily, try to avoid cleaning around them or under them.

How does scheduling work at Scrubbi?

The Skedulo app is your key to success.

Your schedule will be sent to you 7 days in advance (subject to change) Please accept the shifts as soon as they get sent to you. Remember, there’s no option to decline a job as once it’s sent to you, it’s your responsibility.

If there’s anything that doesn’t make sense on your schedule, let your HRS team know and they will take care of it for you.


Here are some quick notes you should know in regard to your schedule:


    • Clients: If for any reason you’re not comfortable going back to the client’s home, please let us know and we can block you from returning to certain homes.


    • Job offers: A job offer is different from a regularly scheduled job as it is usually outside your availability or region. If you receive a job offer it’s up to you to decline or accept the job (keep in mind that jobs are sent on a first come first serve basis). This is one of the only cases where you can choose to work the job or not.


    • On-Call: As per our policies and procedures, you’re considered on-call until 1 PM the day of. If we sent you a shift on short notice, we’ll most likely give you a call as well. If you can’t be at the shift at the scheduled time, let the ops team know and they will reach out to the client on your behalf.


    • Change in Availability: We understand things happen and affect the schedule you have provided. If you have to make changes to your availability, we ask you to provide us with at least 2 weeks (14 days) notice for all changes in your schedule.


    • Getting More Appointments: Appointments are given out based on performance, not on seniority or location. If you are doing a great job, showing up on time, and communicating well (ex. checking-in in the morning), we will fill your schedule with appointments as much as possible.


    • Leaving Scubbi: If you are terminating your contract with Scrubbi, you need to provide us with a 2-week notice (14 days.)


How do I record my time properly on the scheduling app?

The Skedulo scheduling app is important to both you and us for keeping accurate information on the progress of your appointment and properly recording your working hours.


On each job in the app, there will be four prompts that you will follow for each job to communicate with our office. Please note that it is important to press these prompts properly:


    • Start Travel: lets us know that you are on the way (press this as soon as you leave your home)


    • Check-in: informs us that you have arrived safely on site (press this as soon as you have parked your vehicle)


    • In-Progress: Starts your pay clock (press this as soon as you begin working)


    • Complete Job: Finishes your pay clock (please note that there are tasks that you have to check off first before you’re able to hit complete) E.g. “Did you turn the lights off” “did you close the windows” etc.


You can always see your status in the app in the top left corner below the job number.

If you notice any discrepancy after your shift, reach out to our operations team directly and they will fix the issue for you.

Please watch this Skedulo Video Tutorial (Password: scrubbi3) to familiarize yourself more with the app.

Do you have any tips on saving money?

As an independent contractor, there are a few benefits available to you that will help you save money and keep your costs down. Below are some tips to cut down and save some cash!


    • Utilize microfibre cloths instead of paper towels. This can keep your expenses lower as these are reusable supplies. Since this can be used on many surfaces, this is a handy reusable product for a variety of surfaces.


    • Use your extra newspaper to clean windows. This can help with smudge marks on the glass, and it’s better than throwing it away after reading your morning paper!


    • For oven cleaning, you can mix baking soda with water to create an oven-cleaning paste. Just add the paste to the oven when your shift starts and then go back to it towards the end of your cleaning. This can save you some time and unnecessary use of your sprays trying to get that grime off the ovens.


    • Buy in bulk! When getting supplies such as vinegar, try to get a pack so that the cost is cheaper. This will reduce your overall costs for products.


    • Keep any receipts for expenses you incur for the job. For example, keep your receipts for any cleaners that you buy, paper towels, rags, even gas, etc. This gives you the ability to write these off when you are filing your taxes so that you get the best return. Ask your local tax expert if you need more info.


    • Please also make sure to write down your mileage, and track the distance traveled to and from each appointment. Ask your local tax expert if you need more info.


    • For cleaning supplies, our recommended DIY recipes are always the way to go as this can be a fraction of the cost of branded solutions. You can find them in your Scrubbi Cleaning Supplies list.


If you have any tricks in saving some extra money on expenses, let us know. We would love to pass this on!

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