Not me. But I wish it was. Photo by Julien Laurent on Unsplash

Are any of you runners out there?

So I’ve been trying to run in the mornings before work and…yeah.

They say you’re supposed to feel better after a good run, like it’s supposed to give you more energy.

Maybe I’m doing it wrong?

All I’ve been feeling lately is a bit sluggish at around 1pm or the early afternoon.

Sooooo I have an idea!

One of my regular weekly clients lives not too far a hiking/running trail.

My plan is to do my run after that shift because that appointment usually ends at around 2:30pm. Then I have a few hours before school starts (evening classes obviously) so I figure I’ll squeeze my run in-between.

Then hopefully I won’t hit a wall at around 1pm anymore and crash.

Coffee can only take you so far.

That’s the plan anyways. I’ll keep you posted!




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