Vancouver (Photo by Hanumant Gandotra on Unsplash)

Aaaaaand I’m back!

After being off for a few days, I feel recharged an energized.

And before you ask, no I didn’t go anywhere…this was a staycation to just relax and do some fun stuff around town (Vancouver).

My dad’s a big believer in staycations. My family’s been doing them for years.

You know how after a nice long vacation somewhere far, you feel so tired when you come back and it feels like you need to go on another vacation just to recover?

You don’t really get that problem with a staycation.

You get to sleep in your own bed.

You get to eat at restaurants you know you’ll probably like.

You get to do fun things you’ve always wanted to do and not have to get herded like cattle to the next airport lineup or touristy spot.

And not to mention, you save a bunch of money on hotels and flights too.

Anyways, Scrubbi wanted me to mention a thing about booking vacation time today so here’s how simple it is to do:

1. Send an email 2 weeks before the day (or days) you want off (their emphasis not mine, 🙂 )
2. You’ll get a confirmation via email – and you’re done!

It’s super simple, I’ve done it many many times.

And there’s no limit to the days you have off in a year.

The only thing they really ask for is to give them 2 weeks notice so they can rearrange client’s appointments.

If you have any questions, just call in or send off an email to support.



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