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Taking pictures at appointments 📷

I got an email from Kayah in Ontario (hello, Kayah!) asking for tips on how to take the best photos at cleaning appointments. 

First of all, thanks for all the love! ❤️ I’ve received tons of emails with tips and ideas, which is pretty awesome. So, thank you, thank you, thank you! Keep them coming.

I’ll be sharing with all of you the best emails and tips from other Scrubbi contractors. I’ll also try to answer your questions.

Now, back to Kayah’s question: taking good photos. 

I have to be honest. I took awful before and after pictures when I first started. They looked like photos from the 80s. Dark, grainy, and out of focus. I didn’t get it. My photos on Instagram didn’t look that bad!  With some experience and a few bad photos later, I figured out a way of taking better pictures.

One thing that helped me get better was understanding why the support team needed them. 

Do you know why the Scrubbi support team requires before and after photos? 🤔 I didn’t either. Luckily, here is Emily to the rescue! I did the homework, my friends. I spoke to one of the Scrubbi concierges, and I’m happy to share what I’ve learned. 

The reason for the photos is quality assurance purposes. It’s that simple. Everyone starting out is asked to take before and after photos on their first few jobs. They are also required for new clients and in some special cases.

Photos are helpful too if there is anything particularly dirty or out of the ordinary in a home. Something that’s “noteworthy” as the awesome Cathy from the support team said.    

Now that’s all clear, let’s move to Kayah’s question about taking photos. Here are my super awesome tips for taking the best photos at your cleaning jobs. 
Always go for a general look
What that means is taking photos of the whole room (when possible.) A general view. Stand in a corner, and point your phone to the opposite corner of the room. Snap! Go to the opposite corner and do the same.
Avoid backlighting
Do you know those photos where the background is super bright, and the person in the photo is too dark? That’s because the source of light is behind the subject (just read that on a blog) 🤓 But it makes total sense. So for the before and after photos don’t point your phone to a window to take the photo. It’s better to step in front of the window and point your phone in the opposite direction. The light coming from outside through the window will be behind you, and it’ll help the room look brighter on your photo.
Label your photos!
To label my photos, I use the same app I use to edit my photos on Instagram. I just write with my fingers on it. You can do the same. A simple “before” or “after” on the photo will make it easy for everyone to understand. 
After you are done with your cleaning, trace back your steps and take the after photos standing on the same places from where you took the before photos.  It’s way easier to see the difference when the photos are almost the same.
Send your photos to the support team and, voila.

Snap, snap, away!



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