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The power of a smile 🙂

Happy Monday! Was the first thing I saw today on Instagram. It was a post from my friend, ready to leave her apartment and looking oh so glamorous.

I looked at the mirror, and there I was: wet hair, no makeup, looking anything but glamorous. “Happy Monday? More like Happy Monster!” LOL. Saying that out loud, right in front of the mirror, made me smile – Full disclaimer: I laugh at my own jokes 😉

The thing that I noticed was that I suddenly didn’t look that bad. With that big smile on my face, I looked pretty good for having slept only five hours (thanks, Stranger Things!)

I felt great! My own smile had brightened my day. Very powerful, right?

I love to experiment. And today was the perfect day to do that. I decided I was going to smile to every single person that I’d cross paths with. No matter what. So this is how my day went…
Coffee Shop Win
I had an early morning shift in South Surrey (not far from my place), so I stopped by a super cute coffee shop that I absolutely love. I went in, smiling as if I was the star of a toothpaste commercial. And you guys, people smiled back! Every single person in that coffee shop, from the customers to the barista, they all smiled too. Even the grumpy old man reading the paper. There was a different vibe on that place after I walked in with my powerful smile. Seriously. I’m not exaggerating here.
The Drive
I got in my car, even happier! I opened the Skedulo app, checked the address of my job and loaded it on Google maps. I was pumped, so I decided to smile all the way to my shift. The drive was a breeze. I don’t know if traffic was less this morning, or if my smile made everything feel awesome. Got to my job on time, still smiling!
My Job
As I was walking to the door of this modern-looking townhome with massive windows, I smiled. All in the name of my little experiment. I knocked on the door. The client opened the door. With my biggest smile, I said: “Good morning! I’m your Scrubbi cleaner” and guess what? Yeah! A smile. It kinda set a happy mood that lasted the whole appointment. The lady was super nice, we chatted a bit and shared a few laughs. It felt great! Like we were both happy the other one was happy. After I was done, she even complimented me on my attitude and service. Take note Scrubbi Team 😉
Your Turn!
After my experiment, I’d totally recommend you do the smiling trick. Next time when you go to your shift, have a smile ready before a client opens the door. It could be part of the customer experience you provide in your job. That thing that sets you apart.
A smile does wonders for you and for the people around you.
So keep smiling! 🙂




  1. Cheryl Reply

    Got any great tips for stainless steel? I gotta admit, this is one of my least favourite things to clean. I use the dish soap and baby oil method. It works BUT takes a ton of elbow grease and valuable time. I find it really hard to avoid streaks and I’m OCD about that lol. I’d love to hear what works for you 🙂
    Winnipeg Mb

    • Author
      Tayler Reply

      Hey Cheryl!
      Thanks for your comment! You’re the very first comment I get on the blog
      Stainless steel, I know! I struggle with it too. I think that’s THE thing we all find super tricky – which gives me an awesome idea. I’m going to do my next post on the infamous stainless steel! So stay tuned for next week’s post. I’ll give you a shout out.

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