Hey friends,

Well, these past few days have been a little tough personally.

I have to say bye to my sister who just got a job and is moving away. And when I say away I mean away, away. Like all the way to Boston.

I know what you’re thinking: Boston? What’s in Boston?

I know, right?!

Although to be fair, they do have great lobster rolls. 😉

But the job she’s going for and what she’ll be doing is actually pretty cool.

She’s accepted a position at a non-profit and is supporting a cause that she truly believes in.

It’s not quite saving the world, but it’s pretty close. And I’m not surprised that’s what she’s doing because she’s always had a warm and caring personality.

But yeah, off she goes to the land of clam “chowda”, Red Sox, and expensive universities.

And I’m incredibly proud of her. But also, of course, a little sad.

Actually there’s a wide range of emotions I’m going through like:

Sad – because I’ll miss all the great conversations and laughs we shared.

Scared – because I saw her almost daily and now I’ll have to make new friends. (Do I really have to meet new people?)

Concerned – because I keep wondering if she’ll be okay. Will people be nice to her or will they be mean? How will she survive? Who will make her lunches?

Proud – because I’ve watched her grow and seen just how far she’s come.

But most of all, Happy.

Happy because she’s doing something that she believes in, in a place that she believes in, and for a cause that she loves.

I’m sure we’ll still keep in touch, of course, but it’s totally different than when you see someone almost every day.

I saw someone on Twitter say once “Be the change you want to see in this world.”

She’s going to be doing that and it’s amazing to see.

So that’s it.

Life goes on.

The sun will still rise the next day.

Our family will miss her, but we’ll carry on.

And we’ll be watching from afar and cheering her on.

All the best to you Em.



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