Who is a typical Scrubbi cleaner?

The short answer is: everyone!

At Scrubbi we don’t try to make our cleaners fit a single mold, instead we hire talented cleaners who bring their own experience and effective methods to the job.

Because of the flexibility we allow with our cleaning professionals, we see all sorts of people in unique situations: from parents who need to drop off and pick up their kids at certain times, people new to the workforce and looking to gain work experience, or even people looking for something part-time, making this their side hustle.

In this video, Amber, Scrubbi’s Workforce manager in charge of the Care and Recruitment teams, talks about who a typical Scrubbi cleaner is and how we suppor them in their day-to-day and long term growth.


Video transcript:

“So we’re a bit more unique. We are different than the traditional 9 to 5.

We offer hours that are Monday through Friday, no evenings and weekends. And it’s great for people who need a bit of flexibility, who have unique circumstances in their life and want to have an opportunity that works within their life and not the other way around.

There is no mold for a Scrubbi cleaner. Everybody is unique and brings with them a wealth of information from all their diverse backgrounds.

I wouldn’t say that we have one type of Scrubbi cleaner, we just have people that are talented and know how to clean.

So Scrubbi’s cleaning process is unique to each one of our cleaners. We have a checklist so we make sure that everything we set out to do is done, but how they arrive there is entirely up to them.

We know that cleaning is hard work and we want to make sure that our cleaners are recognized for that, so our Care department has tailored a program of rewards so that we can give back to the cleaners and recognize what they do each day.

Our goal with each cleaner that we bring onboard is that we set them up for success with every step of their Scrubbi journey. We have a support network in place, anything that arises, any questions that they have or anything that they want to talk through means somebody’s always waiting on the line for you to call in should you have any questions or something comes up at the job that you’re at.

We also have a team devoted to your long term success with Scrubbi. tTey’re gonna be there to give you feedback or help you along with any part of your Scrubbi journey.

If you’re looking for something that’s a little different and a bit more unique, Scrubbi could be the right opportunity for you.”



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